Seasonal Cleanse Challenge

Created for health-minded people struggling with low energy, weight loss issues, sluggish metabolism, allergies, bloating, foggy thinking, and more!

Chelsie Ward


Wellness Practitioner and Health Coach

Choose the Program that's right for you!

Here's what you'll get:

Learn the right ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats for you- and remove the most inflammatory foods

Simple, proven DIY liver flushing techniques to cleanse years of built-up toxins

Weekly Webinars, group accountability, and educational tips and videos straight to your inbox

Naturally Cleansing, real food recipes, for managing your weight and healing your body

1 month of support to work out regularly, drink plenty of water, sleep, reduce stress, & more- to support your body

A copy of my exclusive Optimal Health & Wellness Checklist for managing your weight

Virtual goodie bag with some of my best resources to keep you moving in the right direction

UPGRADE to: Fine tune results with your Bonus: ASK THE EXPERT Session with Your Beloved Health Coach :)

That's me!

What You Should Know Is This:

You are not a lost cause - This can work for you too!

I had 1 client who tried everything for 20 years with no relief from weight loss struggles. Once we cleaned up her cells, it changed her life. She is now a walking billboard for health and wellness.

You do not have to count calories to lose weight

The body is not a calculator. If it were that simple, we'd all be the exact weight we desire with no struggle.

You will learn the right ratios of carbs, fats, and proteins, and how to remove the most inflammatory foods so you can reach your goals without struggling.

This is not another fad diet

Fad diets do work. I bet you didn't think you'd hear me say that. They do! Or people wouldn't do them. But diets are not one-size-fits all. I want to teach you the art of paying attention to your body so you can determine what will work for you.

Low energy, sickness, and loss of memory does not have to happen as we age

These things happen when the body is toxic, undernourished, and stressed

This cleanse program was created with you in mind

It's for health-minded people who are ready to take their health to the next level, naturally

What People said about Cleansing with Chelsie

I decided to try Chelsie after a few years of being stuck. The demands of life and ministry had me putting everyone and everything above myself. She showed me that without me taking the time for me first - nothing else could be sustained very long. I wanted to lose weight and what I found instead is that I focused on the exercise and have consistently kept that up as I now clean up my eating and purist my body with good things. Chelsie is encouraging and a powerhouse of knowledge. I lost weight - not crazy amounts but a start and have kept it off and feel better and more energized and also am careful to say no more so I can ultimately say yes to myself and my health. Thank you Chelsie for all your support and help!

Michelle Bollom

God brought this beautiful lady in my life when I was stuck in my health. I was beginning to feel the symptoms of menopause and my weight wasn’t moving. I read her book, messaged her, and she answered all my questions, and then some. My jean size hasn’t been in the single digits in 17 years, until now! If you feel like this and are struggling with weight and low energy, then she is the answer. I feel better, have more energy, and can even keep up with my teens, and live my dreams. Chelsie is an amazing woman who is patient and is your biggest cheerleader. She will help you and love you through. Reach out to her if you are ready to change your life. You’re the best, Chelsie!

Cheryl Villarreal


Before I met Chelsie, I had a Chronic cough and was using an inhaler. I also wanted to lose Weight, and was sluggish and feeling bad all the time. After 3 days of the cleanse I was no longer coughing. After a couple weeks my energy began to improve! I can feel my body healing each day! Plus I loved the group on facebook to connect and encouraging each other. In less than 2 months, my life has been different. No Coughing! Lost 22 pounds so far. I’m exercising more and happy about it. Feeling so much better in everything! Energy is back! I love working with Chelsie because of her sincerity about helping me. She empowers me and is knowledgeable about the body, how it functions, and how to cause it to heal. Plus she is so sweet.

Cindy Billings

When I started with Chelsie, my goal was to lose weight, reduce inflammation, and get rid of joint pain. I have lost weight and kept it off. I no longer have knee pain. My hormones are more balanced, and I have 80% less inflammation! My greatest accomplishment has been feeling better and feeling like there is hope in my situation. Chelsie is down to earth, honest, never brutal and always loving! I have not only gain education but also learned to take action. It is totally worth the investment.

Melody Barker


Early Bird Special - Save $20 when you sign up by February 14! Happy Valentine's Day!

Kickoff Live with Me: February 24

Cleanse Dates: March 2 - March 30

Enrollment closes February 23

This Program Is Perfect If You Want To...

  • Increase your energy naturally without needing caffeine
  • Lose weight and learn the tools to keep it off
  • Get rid of belly bloat for good
  • Reduce or get rid of allergy symptoms
  • Look and feel younger by boosting your natural hormone supplies
  • Boost your immune system to protect yourself against infection
  • Get rid of aches and pains by reducing inflammation
  • Take your health to the next level and become your best self

This Program Is NOT For You If You...

  • Are looking for the next miracle pill or latest fad diet
  • Want a quick fix WITHOUT sustainable results
  • Are not looking to improve your health naturally
  • Are looking for a one-size-fits all approach
  • Are not willing to commit to the 30 days

And this is a challenge, so there will be an amazing prize at the end with a chance to win FREE COACHING with me!

You don't want to miss this opportunity!

My mission is to help as many people as possible learn to implement simple tools that can give them their life back so they can live in optimal health. I know what it feels like to struggle with chronic health issues that take the joy out of life. That’s why I’m offering this doable challenge at an investment that requires a commitment.


When you're ready to invest in yourself and in this challenge, take the first step and sign up today!

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